Kuzmin Aleksei

Full-Stack WEB Developer on Python\Django & Angular JS

Let me introduce myself. My name is Alex. I'm a Full-Stack WEB Developer. I have been developing on Python\Django over 7 years; on Angular JS over 3 years. I have a good experience to build ASP on Python\Django on back-end and AngularJS on front-end.

Honestly, I like back-end with the same passion like front-end. I'm a Full-Stack developer, so these are my strongest skills. Therefore, I can contribute in project with this skills.

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Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics 2006 – 2011

Master of Computer Science

Work Experience

InfoPunks GmbH, Munich

Mar 2016 – Apr 2017

Full-Stack WEB Developer

My responsibility was to develop a back-end on Python\Django & front-end on Angular 1.5.x & Coffee Script. Also I used Grunt JS and Web Pack for the front-end; and Twitter Bootstrap to make UI as quick.

I was member of a few exciting projects. The two were most  interesting, on my opinion.

The first project results in  a document workflow system. I worked as a Full-Stack Developer: I have developed back-end on Python\Django and front-end on Angular. The form of builder and forms to export data to Excel & PDF files, which were based on a user templates, which was uploaded on Word files, where the users used template language.

The second project is a HighLoad WEB tracker. The one was developed on Node & Express JS. The data were kept in NoSQL database Cassandra.

YaSol, Moscow

May 2013 – Feb 2016

Full-Stack WEB Developer

I created a catalog of jobs, with a WEB version and a terminal version. The catalog was filled by employees of government departments and HRs. The terminals were located in small towns, when people use Internet rarely. The main goal of the project  aimed at mediation of work migration.

The second project is the catalog of Russian real estate. Besides standard real estate data the one contained additional pool of data. For example,  а distance to water, а distance to park or recreation area, a size of ceiling slats, fence material etc.

Kwenda, Moscow

Aug 2012 – May 2013

Python\Django back-end Developer

The project product was an add for planning a trip or for finding a leisure spot. We took leisure spots and free spots and mapped them on the Google map. For example, if someone is planning a trip from Moscow City to Samara City, then  he or she marks the  origin and destination points on the map, chose the trip category and set a distance. Then trip is appearing on the map with all relevant spots Tagged. The project earned money on publications ads of the commercial spots and selling tickets.

Tekline, Tomsk

Sep 2011 – Aug 2012

Node JS back-end Developer

I have contributed to online collaborative editing project in Rizzoma (which is analogue of the Google Wave). 

WEB Studio “Sns-Art”, Tomsk

2009 – Sep 2011

Python\Django Developer

That was my first experience to use Python\Django. I have developed small web products For example, shops, catalogs, admin panels for car sellers, etc. There were not super great or big projects, but it was my first steps in the field.

Rubius.Com, Tomsk

Oct 2008 – Jan 2009

C#.NET Developer

I had a Software Development course  on C # .NET in the University.  I liked the approach  and decided to develop Desktop Software. That time I contributed to development of a CAD System: I have created unit tests, did a choice for a technology to protect the Software Product, wrote some small modules.

Signal Ltd, Tomsk

Sep 2006 – Sep 2008

Network System Administrator

The Network technologies become most attractive for me and I have begun to work in a small company as a System Administrator. The machine park comprised 10 computers and one file server. I routed the traffic based on iptables, configured security politics, supported users, etc.